the one unknown

This is your face.

You dont recognize it.

When you see it in the water,

Upon a reflection of mirrors,

When you sought later,

for a sense of self that lasts forever and after.


I don’t recognize the round bunch of skin,

that droops on my cheek,

annoyingly waiting to be pinched.

And the small round nose that sleeps between two innocent eyes.

Who is this wide eyed, sunny girl?


When it rests,

its droopy and sad,

looking always for some help.

Im just a girl here.

Upon these reflection, i’m just a girl.


Cute girl, she breathes youth but i can never relate to this face of mine.

I’m more of a dreamer,

A curious hunter

but also an animal with hungry lust for love and life.

Fighter with the will of the fire to conquer all.

I am not as innocent as perceive it be.


I can never seem to get myself right.

When do i get to be

As i am.

Rather than these pretension that this face burden me with.


The one unknown


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