The color blue


that’s my favorite color.

It’s in where i sleep.

In what i wear

and in what i breathe.

Like any color, blue can be happy

or sad

But never angry and mad

Because like water,                                                                                         blue can wash away.

Or like the sky,                                                                               blue is vast and open.

The only time a blue is angry is when the moon pulls the ocean

and the women up to the shore

dragging them into the weeks of red

The color red is really not my favorite color

I feel lust,


                                                                                                                   and frustration.


But i wear them because it breathes into my skin tone

but never wear them for your temper.


It’s unforgiving stain will run in your veins and i don’t want that.


I want to be happy, like yellow always is.

Like a sunflower reaching the sun,

hoping to grow taller everyday.

Like lemonade mouth,

sour and sweet like your first kiss in may

my skin is yellow, or so as they say,

But i don’t mind being the sun ray

that shine upon the blue sky and the ocean


that’s my favorite color.



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