The story of the night



As soon as i awoke, I saw my parents’ face. They stood under fluorescent light, wearing their pale blue uniform. I did not care much about the worry in their faces. I do not need it. I am not weak. But i wore the skin of the ordinary and let myself behave.

“Sorry about that, I don’t know what happened”

I sighed out to them.

“Well atleast you’re not majorly hurt. You just now have a pink glob accompanying your head, 24/7 for probably weeks”

I reached my head, they were right. I had a sculpture residing on my aching head.

“What were you doing outside? The police found you unconscious. I’d figure you’d be asleep?”

Said mum as dad shifted awkwardly where he stood.

“ Me too, I’d figure i would be asleep but I guess not. So i just went out for some fresh air and i must’ve walked into a low branch or something. Don’t worry i’m alright now”

I knowingly avoided telling her about ‘the encounter’ in the woods. I did not want more trouble especially under heavy pounding in my head.

“Well that’s what happens when you go out so late at night! I know you’re not an idiot so you wont do that again. Alright?”


“I think you better go back home and sleep there, I don’t really want you at the institute. And we have to go back to work”

“Fine, I know the way home so don’t worry.”


We dismissed.

For a couple of minutes, I allowed myself to sink back into the bed. What the hell happened at the woods tonight? Why are the lights in here so bright?  I doze off to the sound of electrical buzz.


“Hello lady, how are you doing?”

A nurse wheeled in a metal tray.

“Oh. i’m sorry, i must’ve dozed off. I will be on my way so it’s fine”

The pounding in my head started to kick in as i open my eyes to welcome the blazing lights.

“No young lady, you must eat to gain your strength! Can’t fight the war on an empty stomach”

“Fight the war? I am fine, i’ll be on my…”

I push myself off the bed but the nurse has pushed me down.

“ I cant wait to show you my toys”

The nurse has pinned me down and the pale hands stroked my cheeks. I recognized the smell. It was of a wet greasy hair that clinged to my skin at the woods. The moisture in his hands rubbed onto my cheeks.

“ Now, I know what you want. You want a little kick and a slap. You want some lovely bruise and cuts of self-pity and love. You want, you want you want you want

you want

                                     s                     tu veux

                                   vouloir.             >,


u w                                              a  nt


I want. Je veux, vouloir i want.

I follow,  his grease dripping from the tips of his, i followed. Follow him through four low ceilings, crawling through matte black under the floorboards, i follow. The flow of water fastened and the smell of him becomes whole. The mucky green clung and we’re outside.

“Where are we?”

“Guess my child? What do you see?”


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