Story of the night?

Chapter 1: As he say

Time was longingly spent in the house. It sat in the middle of the forest without a neighbor. Flock of flies and moths, hid our ghastly castle and it disappeared into the shadows of trees.

I walked down the stone staircase as I tapped my fingers against the cool wooden handle. Reaching to my chair, I started pressing keys. It strummed notes that echoed throughout the hollow house. I played louder, letting the keys ring.

I began smashing the keys louder, notes clashing into each-other, producing an eerie harmony to a dead- quiet house. I continued banging with sense of desperation, creating a panicked crescendo that scared me. But no one came, there was no one to disturb.

I let my head rest on the glass window calming myself, letting the familiar feeling of lonesome run in my body. I viewed the building that stood a far from our house. It was a white fortress with its blazing blue window, reminding me of my first visit.

I hadn’t arrived there as a patient but my parents worked there as researchers. The day of my visit, they didn’t come home as per usual. The dark had fully cast my house and i was all alone in this shell. It was the first time that i’ve been with myself so late. I tried sleeping but i only drowned in sea of blankets, tossing feverishly. So i grabbed my knitted cardigan and headed out, in hopes for some fresh air….

I expected to hear ominous rustling in the bush or a shadow to brush my sights, but everything was asleep. It’s deafening silence striked my body with cold sweat. I could hear my breath and i felt so bare. But the moon had overrode my vision, momentarily distracting me from the silent. Its light filled as noise as it protruded through the clouds.. I stopped there, drinking the image.

“ doesn’t the moon blind you?”

A shadow stepped in, miming his words exaggeratedly.

“ The light is always there, blinding me down in all its glory, reminding me always”

He continued as he faced the moon.

“ But even the moon dies”

He cracked a laugh.

“ And people say i’m crazy, when fickle worships remains the name of war.”

I shined light upon his way. There stood a men, he wore a cracked smile on his pale face. His eyes reminiscent a lizard’s’ all-seeing sight.

I stood there unable and confused by the sudden appearance of a men.

“is this girl mute?”

He gave a bellowed laugh as he walked around me like a chicken. I felt the eyes on me, breathing against my skin.

“So which is it? Would you rather drown reality or live amongst the burning stars?”

He placed his hands on my chin, slightly tugging it towards his face. Scared, i froze in place.

‘ It is okay, i serve no one but the good ’

He widen the slit like smile.

‘To help, push them off to the burning world’

An alarming crackle went off from his mouth, a siren that would sure wake any living souls. But this forest did not belong to the living, it belongs to the dead.

He brought his face closer to mine. His crippled hair laying on my cheeks. He breathed, so close to me, I felt him give a quivered sigh.

“You know girl, I see you, at the house. I will accompany you child so you shall not be disheartened. Just remember, that it takes a blink, to see the world change”

As he says, I tumbled down to the earth.


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