I have no life as i spend my days doing art

Seeing miniature is a way for us to order the world & to understand our place in the cosmos therefore dioramas are re-creation of an event or a scenery. And the miniaturist can infuse a still scene with the suggestion of activity in countless ways.

You can capture a scenery full of narratives or a display of instamatic glimpses of life.

It is a way of story telling that allows the audience to become a co-creator of the story.

This is an excerpt from the book;

‘ The art of the Minature’  by Jane Freeman.

The author is very passionate about this form of art and i can’t help but be invoked by it. (if that makes sense) Reading his book, now I understand my wrong with the diorama. I had no knowledge of composition and colors. So some wise wisdom to think on for my diorama;


  • grey and tone down colors tend to look more realistic and in opposite bright colors look toy ish and fun.
  • The way you illuminate the room is important ( dont know why this never crossed my mine) It creates certain ambiance.
  • Stick to having three main colors, such as for walls, bed and other big objects
  • Monotone/ almost monotone could be a great way to achieve uniformed look whilst expressing imminent mood


  • Center composition seems stuck or appears still. Like the eye of a storm, all frenetic, random activity halts at this hub.
  • Well place interruptions agitate space creating a much more interesting look
  • Suggest some kind of animate presence, the human appeal of irregular. The intrigue of apertures
  • The rhyming of shapes through the repetition of forms is a fundamental element of visual art and its composition
  • Even the mess has a certain order, ‘don’t torture the page’ The arrangement should allow the ‘reader’ to read it
  • Offset angles breathes life rather than symmetrical and uniformed composition
  • Windows and doors or other rooms suggest further narratives that you cant see.

Overall don’t fret, look at the world, take inspiration and reference from them. Follow their shapes and their organic forms.



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