This is my actual thought about my final outcome;

It invited us to look, but nothing inside really interested me enough to keep looking. I think i need to reward the audience by something that would keep them in wonder. Something to withhold their interest since its quite an effort to look.

Either that or i give them immediate effect. Something that can be glanced over and have its effect on the viewer. Something big, something shocking i dont know.

The reason for its hole is to invite, to reward and to betray the viewer for the way they felt. There is a rich world in there but its hard to appreciate it, since its kinda difficult to see it. I want people to look in to the hole & discover wonder but to look close enough to realize its sombre. lmao

I would like to take those pieces in the ‘house’ and maybe have them as individual pieces. I think they would shine stronger on their own.

And instead through the whole, I place a single bed and a doll. But the sheets has holes too that expose the apples and the v’s.

Or maybe i can be blatantly straight forward and place a doll masturbating in the corner with color pencils.

Or maybe i throw away the whole idea and have a ‘open’ diorama instead.

What do people feel betrayed by? How can i betray the viewer?

Or i couldve just made a bigger hole  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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