Her installation plays with distortion of reality through the use of mirrors, projection and imagery. It is an ‘Hybrid of image & Object’ Its visual makes us do double takes and to look closer. You think its 3 dimensional but its a flat mirror image BETRAYING OUR SENSE OF SIGHT. I think this would be much more interesting if it was in a large scale but not something people can walk into cause that would resemble those circus like mirror rooms.

‘Enacts mute scenarios of misconception, failed communication & solitude’

It was inspired by Hitchcock’s ‘Rear window’ which is a film.Rear_Window_film_poster.png

John Belton addresses the underlying issues of voyeurism, patriarchy and feminism that are evident in the film. He asserts “Rear Window’s story is “about” spectacle; it explores the fascination with looking and the attraction of that which is being looked at.”[

I will watch this film later.

The installation deffo explores the fascination with looking and maybe the artists satisfaction of being looked at, much like my work perhaps!

However the difference is that her dioramas forces us to look at the installation and make us travel onto it to play. Its a case of the diorama pulling you into the world whilst, i think my diorama invites you to look but you are aware that you are looking. Hence you are aware of how you are reacting to what you are looking at. Its like what someone said about the book lolita, ‘It shows us the mask of literature, showing how it is doing its work of how we become to be smypathetic and how we can become self-aware to how we respond.’

or as Richird Wrights says

he wants the words to disappear, to be completely transparent and to leave you with just your response.

To leave people with their response and for them to reflect and understand.






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