Jake is such a hot name

No longer in sight of anxiety, as i walk down these streets. All the poisoned noise muted through my immunity vaccine. I took a shot of bull shit confidence from a British doctor that hushed me on a path of self discovery. This time a walk in the park was really just a walk in the park.


Jake Tilson is an artist, graphic designer and author.

And guess what, He also makes dioramas. SUCH.A.CATch!!!

His dioramas are life sized which is different from my miniature doll house esq dioramas. This will obviously have different impact on the viewer. It is slim like a phone box and it looks like someone just cut a piece of a shop like a cake. He present these dioramas in a line next to each other and on the back, a Japanese graffiti like advertisements are written. This scenery very much reminds me of Hong Kong. They’re worn out looking but each diorama taste of different culture and it captures the sense of ‘global village’

However what caught my attention is this particular piece, ‘ House Clearance’

05.jpg I just really like this sense of depth. The perception might be a little off, it doesn’t look 100 percent. I kind of like that. Since this is a life size dioramas, everything seems realistic; the objects the scale and texture but this off felt perception, it wobbles its reality a bit ( i guess its called surreal) . It transform the diorama in to, like a painting.

And i loved how he painted more corridors after the initial white frame. A mystery, curiosity, a longing, i FEEEL ALL OF THIS

I can imagine myself playing with this way off wobbling the reality.





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