Im back and never worser

Left the queen and teas for seclusion and moist everything.

That’s right baby, i’m back in Hong Kong.

Yet again, we lock our self behind these tall buildings, so far up away from earth and nature. Blue windows, blue sky and blue eyes, everything artificial thrive in these glass city. I once longed for these neon lights that made me glee and now, you know it, I want to belong in a quiet town of cobbles and bricks once more.

I am yet again uninspired, depressed and lost of purpose. I am dramatic by the sudden change. I never felt like i belonged amongst the city dwellers. Really, never felt like i belonged lmao. Don’t worry this is a silent cry of help in which you do not have to occupy yourself with. I will sing the song that has helped me on, when i first arrived at the town of wet ice and tea with two sugars.

It’s okay, you’re still on your way


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