its fine art, you dont have to explain it GOSH!

See, I get it. Lots of art work presented in galleries and museums are abstract and very open to interpretation. The ambiguity is what makes it fun and interesting. I GET CHEW

But I want to try and explain why i want to present some of my sketchbook pieces so bad.


My installation is a hole in the wall in which you can see a kids room, however some of the stuff are disguised sex toys and wet underwear stuffed behind a bed. The hole evokes a sense of wonder but as soon as you follow up that curiosity, you see some weird stuff and the installation betrays your sense of innocence. Its a recreation of how I felt looking back at my early sexualization and how the world looks at theme such as this. It was playful, fun but uncomfortable and may be immoral. I hope people do get that from my installation however, in my sketchbook i talk more about naked bodies and female body image. It talks about, i think, important ideas about the world sexualizing youth and voyeurism that women are subjected to.

Not only that, it also includes vulnerable pieces where i tell my experiences as well as others who went through what i went through. I think my sketchbook enriches my work.

Is my sketchbook secondary?; in definition coming; after, less important than, or resulting from someone or something else that is primary.

Is it less valuable, less rich, less important than my installation? I very much feel that they are both important. The installation is an experience, the sketch book is the girth.


So I’ve decided to for go with making a zine ver of my sketchbook but only if i have time lmao.


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