Right, so my whole project is about my experience with early sexualization and i’m so into balthus’ work especially the models composition in his work. And i also wanted to try Ren-Hang-playful-improvisational photography. It was supposed to be nude but i just, it wasn’t right men. Like my point was to reflect upon my memories but not actual pedophilia and photographing young looking girls just is so wrong. What was my intention by doing these photographs? So on the day of the shoot, i backed out on my model and decided to do some light fun photo shoot with bunch of my favorite kids clothes i bought from thrift stores.


Model: Jun

Photographer: I tried.

I had no idea what i was doing lmao but i love some pieces. Some has strong sense of voyeurism in them and some focus lots on how light hit her skin. One thing I consciously worked with is her limbs. She likes to unconsciously put her limbs in an awkward position.  She tend to be inward and very  soft and delicate looking. Her fingers curves into different direction individually and its very awkward but i like it.


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