My understanding of Recycle/ Upcycle is that: it is the process of adding value to a discarded or forgotten object through re-contextualizing, re- furbishing or re-creating something using those items. From this, I took an approach of re-contextualizing a narrative to have more value, to me. I chose the joker for my subject because I was interested in his justification of his criminal acts. Unlike other villains, he does not have a clear motive nor origin; only a philosophy in which he constantly tries to convince batman to believe on. I only came to understand this through research and reading comic books and watching discussion on YouTube.

I wrote a story, a while back, about a girl who’s seduced by jokers’ sense of freedom. The most important part of that writing was to illustrate a mood of melancholy and mystery because that is how I saw the joker as. However, Amber and I, we both visited an art fair in London which inspired us lots and changed our mind about the project. I decided to do something 3 dimensional as those art works stood out to me the most, when I was at the art fair. I started experimenting with layering and lighting which led me to discover the use of plastic film to play with shadows and text. I also tried different ways of presenting, such as by having each illustrated scene, suspending from the ceiling or by using the shadows to illustrate a scene.

This project was good for me as I was driven solely on my interest, unlike my other project. I mentioned on my blog that I find difficulty with doing art about my interest because I tend to think about how I can impress or earn points of whomever I felt needed to be impressed. So, in that sense, it was successful.

If I were to justify my work, I would compare it with Claude monet


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