I actually went to an art fair by choice so here I am to show it off

Yes, indeed. Amber and I, we both visted the art fair in London. There were many art as well as old ladies that pushed passed me and men on their phone talking about how much money they have in their banks.


I actually saw one of Egon Schieles’ painting and I was surprised cause I did not realize that all the other paintings belonged here with it. We walked in thinking, this is probably just another place that sells art but holy fuck, Egon Schiele is there. And their selling.


On to the cool art that we saw.


Connor Brothers

These guys were perfect for our theme and my humor.

It is an upcycle of old literature and books by modifying the meaning of the image with texts. In a way, it re-contextualise these books. I thought it was witty.

John Turnnard


This type of work, I would just pass by but when I was there, when I was looking at it, right there, in real life. I just was like really impressed? by the texture and layering. Like even having the image inserted here, it really doesn’t translate it well. I want the actual painting here so i can show you how I felt om damn. I think all the lines are made by either scraping paint off the surface or by using stencils, such as paper, to leave that mark. I just really loved the texture and the color transparency like i don’t really understand but i just really liked it okay.

Gill Rocca

These are oil paintings that, for me, captures the melancholic feeling in landscapes. She captures that ‘blurness’ really greatly and i dont know but i think it somehow connects to ‘reminiscent’ when things are blurry. Also her use of light, as in the small tiny dot, in the landscape is really great cause i think it helps capture the vastness of the sky and the land. Its lonely and blue and i just love that atmosphere.



Yet again, another piece that does not translate its greatness through the screen. This is an installation as different pieces were layered such as the background then on top the line work. Light is placed behind these layers so its as if real sunshines is shining through. The layering help create depth and the use of actual light really solidify the atmosphere and i was like omg this would be a really good way to advertise furniture or a house. It makes everything look glowy and warm. But i think the lighting was a bit to white or florescent. If it was a nice orange or like a sunset color, i think it would make it much more warm and homely and just love.

Tom Hammick

His work evokes melancholic and peacefulness that i just loved it. Maybe because he used monochromatic colors or maybe its the silhouettes with no shadow. Its like a linocut print cause the shapes are defined and is two dimensional. Also I think the actually work is quite large so i was able to be engulfed by it.

Patrick Huges

He is a dimensional relief painter and he paints three dimensional works that are trompe d’oeil. We stood in front of it just being transfixed by how three dimensional it was. We just moved our head side to side like those Indonesian dancers, trying to figure out what was happening. Trompe d’oeil type of art is seen in gimicky museums but this one was really trippy and like the technique and the skills in it must’ve been great.

Felicity Harbrick

The composition really makes the work interesting and also lonesome. Also the black is actually composed of black strokes.

Andre Nadal


Its an oil painting thats been scratched off to create lines and the texture, oml the texture is real nice. How do i explain, i dont want to repeat myself but it creates depth and dimension but with just simple lines. Using this technique to draw cityscape might be interesting and im gonna try.

Peter Demetz

Wooden sculpture placed within a frame and its cleverly painted background creates A SENSE OF DIMENSION AND DEPTH.


im getting really tired of thinking of different ways to talk about art works.


    From this art fair, I think i’ve learnt that creating atmosphere comes down to:

  • Layering for depths
  • Composition
  • Silhouettes rather defined drawings
  • Color scheme
  • Size
  • The way it was presented (light box,on three dimensional wood block or with three dimensional object in it)

Through understanding these, I would like to create a very blue inducing, melancholic installation/illustration/animation or whatever and capture that feeling.


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