we’re killing the earth cause we don’t recycle and up-cycle.

Re-cycle and up cycle, the difference is that one adds value; either by branding, re packaging or re-contextualizing. Whilst re-cycle is the use of disregarded/ trashed items to make them usable or for development of sustainable materials.

Dadaism is an art movement that caught my attention because of their nature in mockery of art. I do not know specific artist to research yet but i will borrow some books on dadaism and find artist.

I want to work with music, especially concerning background music/ song writing. I have an idea of using random clips such as commercials and editing them, to create a piece of music like people often do with politicians’ speech.


I can re-interpret a narrative, joker and harlequin, to create my own illustration or animation. I’m interested in their psychology and mockery of their society. I think dadaism and them might have things in common. This will also allow me to dive into graphic novels and creating a mood through illustration.




One thought on “we’re killing the earth cause we don’t recycle and up-cycle.

  1. Hi Narumi, this sounds like a great start to the project, and Dada is certainly an interesting place to begin. However, I am slightly concerned about the statement that you will now find some books on Dada and then find an artist to research. Remember, research doesn’t have to consist of printing out a little picture by an artist and then writing some biographical information underneath it. It might be that your interest in Dada leads you onto the Surrealist movement that followed, or inspires you to make your own cut-up Dada poem, or piece of ‘unwriting’, or to begin experimenting more with collage . . . Ideally, your practical (making) and theoretical (reading, thinking) research should be happening side by side, and occur in such a way that they can lead in any direction.

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