‘Genuine’ is the theme of this year.

Its evident people seemed to associate mirrors with reflection and themselves. I can especially relate to Lena’s work so much. That feeling of just being unsure things about yourself and staring at yourself, trying to figure that out. I GET CHU. I GET CHU .


Also, i think the way she presented her work wasn’t bad. I think it could be something she can further develop. Maybe it was an performance, how she opened jpeg files on her computer, one images after another, laying on top of each other like creating a vortex. Its like when you click something on your computer and when it goes wrong and that error message pops up. And the message keeps popping up and you desperately try to close all of them. It reminded me of that and i don’t know but i think this way of presenting is much more interesting than putting it up on a wall somewhere.  She can maybe relate to our social identity and personas we have online.


I also liked alexia’s works. Its inspiring (?) to see her get excited about her project, its like she found something for herself. I want to encourage her.


I liked that concept of right side of the garment being different to the left. I think it was a instinctual process when she made that design and it reminded me of Yohji Yamamoto. She said that the right side is supposed to represent the creative side of our brain and left the logical one. From looking at the outfit, you cant really tell that and maybe she can further investigate “the language of fabric”


It also seemed as it was a dress that’s been deconstructed and maybe it hinted the fact that no matter which brain were dominant, in the end we’re all just skin and bones. And you can choose to follow which ever “brain” you like.


I swear im not trying to avoid talking about my work its just that during the critique, i was all hella nervous and couldn’t really say things i wanted to say so i just wanted to get it off my chest.



that’s my outcome^^

i first had the song, then i bought a piece of mirror and went outside to get some footage. Most of the ‘raw’ clips were not planned and it was just my friends and i playing around. Over time, I collected more clips, i started to form like a story board which kind of looks like a comic book

Then, I’ve decided to illustrate some parts and do some stop motion cause i thought that would be interesting and voila, my project is done.


For this project, i let myself just do whatever and not plan much. Forget having to need historical artist or relevancy to the world now or whatever and kind of just went for it. I guess, this helps me become closer to the type of art i want to make which is genuine and real. Not like okay i have project and what thing should i do to best impress and get high grades, like i did in high school. But instead make using my genuine interest.


Singing and song writing is an interesting aspect of this project and i may continue next. Illustration is also interesting but im like that 1st staging of dating where i don’t want to go over board and scare it, ya know. Let’s take things slow, nothing is exclusive yet.


I admire artist who are able to draw concept art. It must be wonderful being able to create your own characters and your own world out of your mind. So maybe that’s something i can look into.


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