can u be rEAl

My friend writes stuff on her blog and i just find it so beautiful and sometimes relatable.


The way she is able to write down this heavy stuff without the cliches and you can really see that it comes from her heart.

She writes down things for her own and its not to “make art” nor is it to create an idea. She does not consume everything around her so that she can produce output.


I admire her genuine art.


It isn’t meant to be controversial or flashy or be something

Its truly just an outlet of herself.

I want to be able to do things like that. In my own genuine interest, without reasons or explanation.

I’m lost, i feel as though i don’t really have any specifics things that i adore and things i don’t adore.

I don’t have character, a real personality. It’s fake, its just something i put on so that i’m something but

it ok.

it new year

it new me.


takes time, i’ll learn to not to be not me.





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