Sorry y’all

cover.pngBeen neglecting you since i’ve been here ( Hong kong). I’m soz.


In truth, I’m only here because I’ve been suffering from severe jet lag for 4 days and i ran out of other things to do in the middle of the night.


I don’t like myself here. It turns me into a couch potato and not even a normal type of nice yellow round looking potato that plonks adorable on the couch; I’m a mushy, soggy and beaten looking thing that’s too heavy for anyone to carry of the couch.

Being back, it forces me to wear this shell of old me. I’m sure everyone went through the usual i was insecure and self-hate phase during high school and being back here, reminds me of it. Then i suddenly feel my old habits creeping back to me again. I don’t like it at all

take me back.


The mirror project is supposed to be this great reminiscent/ coming of age/ youth type of documentation thing but i don’t feel any of that joy at all. Anyways, here are some videos and pictures i took with my friends.


Quite tumblry and for now it holds no other value than its aesthetics. Like these picture, everything feels empty at the moment. Like im in mid-life waiting for something to happen or waiting to come back. I’m uninspired and muted.


I also made this^^ Using some basic stop motion knowledge and a website called gifmaker

Pretty rad and i’m planning to use this for my Mirror project. Its going to be a music video ft. me song writing skills & me piano skills & maybe my friend’s singing ( if he’s not busy) & my friends’ camera skills. ( Rhisamay & Fashiel ) – I hyperlinked their instagram if you wanna stalk.

This little bit of stop motion is going to be like the lion thing at the beginning of the tom and jerry.

I don’t know why i wanted a trade mark? Maybe its my own way of giving my self a more obvious sense of self. What the fuck am i talking about. If anyone read this, valid my thoughts.



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