Proposal Mirror

Mirror is a surface that reflects whatever stands in front of it. The image that shows upon the mirror, depends on the material of the surface and its texture. It can distort and transform or metamorphose the reality. But what mirror is not, is a true reflection of the world.

However we use mirror to confirm our sense of self and our confidence. It helps us form an identity. Therefore some find the mirror terrifying as it reflects things people may not want to see.

For me, i find ‘sense of self’ interesting. I want to explore this using mirrors and film or by drawings. Identity is a thing i struggle to clarify as it was never static for me. It is intangible and evolving all the time.

I found out that old school films uses mirror to create all type of visual effects such as:

Blending into the background

Reflecting lights (like lazers yo)

Bending and disfiguring the image


Zoom or to enlarge things

Concept 1: Parody uses of fairy tales such as

snow white – beauty

vampires – soul

black swan – creepy and the truth

Alice in wonderland – mirror is a portal

Concept 2: Stalker me

A film about stalking someone, who turns out to be herself stalking herself. It discuss my struggles with sense of self.


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