During this project, I had questioned what fine art is, while pushing my boundaries. I learned more about concept-led work and transforming my knowledge of fashion and textile onto fine arts.

I read couple of graphic novels such as, Cult fiction : art and comic, Killing and dying : six stories, lighter than my shadow. They were about childhood and coming of age. This inspired me to make art about youth as I was reminded that mine is fleeting away.

However, I did not decide to make a graphic novel as when I was watching my fellow class mate, Nabila do some fashion work, I’ve got an itch to do one as well, therefore I’ve decided on making an outfit that would symbolizes youth. I based the design on vintage children dress that I purchased at a thrift store. It has a cute and sweet silhouette. The fabric was chosen based on how ‘raw’ it looked because children are still developing and isn’t complete.

Even with my previous experience of garment making, I kept screwing it up and because we only have limited amount of time I didn’t get to fix it.

I also incorporated my interest of lights aesthetics. I have used videos of lights and interpreted them with different materials such as pen, textile, photogram, and tape. I decided that I could associate light with youth as they often symbolize goodness and excitement.

My research on Balthus and Louise Bourgeois have hugely impacted my art work. I was initially attracted to these artists because it was creepy, especially Balthus. It made me curious to why the artist has made art like it and if its ‘right’ for them to do so. I wanted my art work to be invoking as such.

From learning Louise Bourgeois use of body to express vulnerability and importance of body language, I’ve made myself my own mannequin which I also painted. This allowed freedom to the shape of the mannequin and the lifelines of it.

In conclusion, this is an installation meant to open a discussion about sexuality and femininity. It reflects how we see the female body as well as our own perception of innocence and morality. It is a tool of metamorphosis as the different interpretation of it would transform and disfigure the installation. For me this whole piece was about trying to understand what fine art is and its place in the “real world”. Fine art is still something I don’t understand much and I feel like I’m mimicking other fine artist and their language.


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