Our topic is metamorphosis which means: change in forms, structure and environment.

I have not decided a specialism to focus on as I tend to work concept first, however, I’m interested in graphic novels therefore I would be reading more of it; but I also want to dabble with subjects I’ve never experimented with such as music and performance art.

I want my art work to be about childhood and sexuality as i find that its neccesary. We are eternally changing therefore i want to share these experiences as well as commemorate it. I plan to research other artists that has discussed similar topic in their works such as Phoebe Glockner. I also have been collecting short videos capturing lights. I think it’ll be interesting to incorporate that into my project. We also have been to many exhibition in which i found artists that i would like to research more, such as Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Dominique Gonzalez- foerster and louise burgeois.

I expect that my project will help me understand myself as well as my stance on fine art. But I want it to be relatable so that the audience can also recognize with it. I find that an artwork should be somewhat entertaining to gain audience an interest. This is rooted in me because of our content filled culture in which everything is trying to grab your attention. In the end, I would want to create an output that encompass youth and my belief of art.

Week 1

Seek inspiration and conclude with set interest

  • Research artists
  • Make mind map
  • Brain storm Ideas and concept

Week 2


Week 3

Finishing up the end product and reflection


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