We went to Tate modern museum in which i record its journey through voice memos. I will listen to my voice memo as i write.


The exhibition is called “the tank” as the building used to be a power station. Now it is a hollow, concrete cave like space. It echoed our voices and footsteps and i think that might’ve inspired the artists as a lot of the installations themed on action-reaction and things echoing.

I’m discussing the importance of recording it instead of taking a picture as it reflects my immediate respond as well as the conversation that happens then.

I also just ‘Yohoo’ ed because im a child and when things echo, you need to scream.


I walked into a room with a collection of old fashion tvs stacked into a square. I plonked myself on to the bean bags that’s in front of the tvs. Each screen reflected the same image.


I thought it was trippy but at the same time, it felt nostalgic/ a sense of comfort as it reminded me of nights, watching tv/ noise on the screen. You’re not really understanding what you’re watching and it becomes like a comforting rumble. It made me feel this way because it was in a room without no lights on and i was laying on a bean bag, feeling comfortable. Also the film seem to transition like its flicking through different channels.

From what i first interpreted it, it seems to be about a men, who wore make up. He was at some kind of a festival. Than it would flicker to videos of naked women in a hotel room doing a train dance. The background music features a flute like instrument that for me sounds like someone is frantically playing it, as the tone changes rapidly. You get the sense of up-beat energy, the kind of vibe you get at festivals and parties. Its a music of celebration. I gave up half way as I didn’t see the point of continuing it.

Conclusion: about transgender?

After reading the notes:

It’s inspired by a detective film ( not specified). It was improvised and i thought that’s why everything looked raw. The reason for its composition(the way the tv was stacked) is that she wanted us to feel like one of her collaborators. I thought that was interesting as at first it made me feel like a child again then it made me feel like a guard watching through security camera and now that i know that we were meant to be its collaborator, I can see how i have edited the raw footage in my head already and created a story line. Maybe the video shown didn’t really have a narrative and its just as random as it looked, but because we were layed comfortable on the bean bags, we had locked our self to look at the image for a longer time than usual which made us want to make sense of the things on the screen.


An interactive sculpture that respond to noises you make.

I walked into a dark dome with an umbrella like metal antenna placed on top of a light box.

The other viewers had started clapping and its vibrations moved the antenna which made the lights flicker. What was interesting to me was that everyone that came into the dome to see how the light reacts to your presence, they chose to clap and only clap. There were many ways to make a noise and vibration, however people stuck with clapping. So i rebelled and started singing. A strong falsetto for some reason. It worked only when i hit a certain note and that must do something with the amount of vibration created in the space. The artist had said that the light reacts to your presence but i think he’s wrong. Presence can be quiet and unmoved but for this light-box-umbrella thing to work, it needed us to take an action. It needed us to want to be heard. It was aggressive and the way the lights flickered, it seemed like it feared us. We raise our voices and the light quivers in fear. The amount of vibration also seem to need it to fluctuate suddenly. If i hold a note for longer time it’s effect disappears.

I said ” why don’t people do this more often? its so much fun” (referencing to recording onself)

It’s because everyone will stare at you and you will annoying everyone around you by having a conversation with yourself. That’s why


I walked into a space with a huge white wall on both sides except one side had lights. It turns on as someone pass it by. It played with our shadows. I thought it was interesting visually because when one light is on, you see a shadow of yourself but when two light is on, you see two shadows. As more light turns on, the amount of shadow increases.

It was also interesting how the size of your shadow differ, in relation to the distance between you and the wall. I see a smaller me than a bigger shadow of my friends on the wall. The way the shadow and lights interacted reminded me of false perception.



This exhibition consisted of screens that hanged from the ceiling, and it led to two bigger screen. It displayed a bunch of presumably thai teenagers. They didn’t seem to be acting, it was more like a record of them in their natural habitat. Sort of in a geographic channel style.  I thought the director must’ve wanted to capture youth but not in  nostalgic way or in a depressing way but in a true way. All I can think about when watching the film, is that how much I used to fantasize about my past.

Also he only filmed young boys and there was a sense of recklessness in their body languages. A sense of oblivion as well. They seem to be contained in this world where nothing but them exist.


The exhibition was large and my brain started to hurt from all this thoughtful thinking so through the rest of the exhibition, i didn’t not get to enjoy it.









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