For pt.1

^ it will explain the origin of the developed work im about to write about.

I saw a connection between these three projects and they are;


I was using colors to leave a trace and erase a trace. I thought this connection was interesting and worth developing.

First, I wanted to remake a more effective and usable machine. Since last time, I’ve only made failures.

I wanted to translate the video(flashing colors and me screaming) on to a 3-D model. It needed to have the same elements of the video; the bright color and the flashy ness.

So i came up with this thing. It is partially inspired by those glow sticks/ light sticks that rotates quick to form an image. You know those machine/ toy you can get in Disneyland and you press a button and bunch of lights spins in high speed almost taking your eye out.


Yea those thing. ( i don’t know what they are called). I wrapped ropes around the stick and the box stabilize the stick when i pull the ropes to make it rotate.

It took me a while to figure this mechanism but i got there. The key is that the stick must lay in the middle of the rope and not the edge of the rope. I don’t know why it works this way but it does.

Now I stuck  a piece of yellow square paper on the tip. Not sure why i did that but i did it.

When i did research about colors that leaves impression on your vision, it says that it helps when there is a huge contrast between the object and the background. Also having a focus point to where the audience must stare, helps tire their eyes, increasing the chance to leave an impression.

Therefore I made the background white and put a small dot on the middle of the yellow thing.

I asked my friends to try it. It left them with no effects however i saw the impression. Maybe my eyes are a lot more tired than theirs. Anyways ignoring the other factors that may affect ones ability to see the impression, my object worked quite well.

Now i made a thing where colors left traces. How do i make that disappear now? 

I would have to experiment with transparency films. First i tried the same square thing but i used transparent films instead.


It didn’t work out as well as the non transparent one. Therefore I decided to experiment with the solid yellow further on.

I colored square on to the corners and some lines. The edges use to blur making it look circular however now that I added on the square, the edges are more vivid making a new shape.

Next i drew on squiggly lines. It reminded me of a warning sign.


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