some good old hipster

Still confused with the definite definition of analogue but when we discussed it in class, analogue meant:

Technology thats’ not as advanced therefore must be processed step by step.

Its things like instant camera and hipster Polaroid pictures.

And today, we got to fool around with old projectors. ( i forgot the name) We were set to ‘analyse the notion of mark making using slides.’

We were given acetate, which is a transparent film that you can draw and paint on. Then you can put that film on to the projector and the image gets reflected on to a surface.

First i experimented with transparency and colors


My friends used paint and that didn’t let the light shine through so it ended up being a block of shadow however, if you use markers, the lights were still able to shine through, allowing the colors to show.

As you can see, some colors are more vibrant than others. The blue seemed to show up the most. So i painted it with different hues of blue. The combination reminded me of the ocean.


We also had two type of projector. One was less vibrant but it lets more light shine through therefore it was more forgiving to different type of materials.


Next, i tried this holographic iridescent foils. In certain angle, the color shined through. It looked like an oil spill.


When i put the foil inside the little frames, they were less area that iridescent. I’ve tried changing the lighting and blocking off other lights but it did not affect the vibrancy. texture 23.jpgThis is another iridescent foil but in gold. It made the surface, that’s been projected on, look like metal.

Because it was a shiny material, it reflected light on to the ceiling and it reminded me of how ocean glitters in the sunset.

Why do they look so beautiful?

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Like this^^

The problem is that i didn’t know how to control the ‘effect’. I couldn’t put it into a frame or that will limit the size of the surface and the amount of light to let through. It was really beautiful, but i didn’t know how to recreate it in a more practical way.


Next, i burned a piece of acetate and layered it with the blue. I thought this created that lines you see in pools. (don’t really know how to describe it but this)



This is how it looks like when it is projected collectively. It looks like a scientific observation of the ocean. Someone had extracted the different characteristic of an ocean and projected on to the wall. The color blue, gold shimmer, iridescent shine and the line things in the pool.


Its looking at the damage that humans caused to the ocean. The oil spill, burned plastic and the color red that gives a sense of warning or danger.

If we were to project a picture of an ocean through modern projector, it would project an accurate image of an ocean but through analog technology, it let me be more creative with materials and gave a different perspective with looking at things. Its interesting and fun. I likey.


Since the film was transparent, i knew that you can layer to create different looks. I remembered that our topic these week is ‘trace-body-trace’ I thought it would be interesting to erase a trace using colors.

^ in the image above, you see a pattern. It was initially inspired by the stained glass i saw in church when we visited canter berry. But if you layer a blue film on top.


It erases the blue lines and vivify the red lines, creating a new image. Its supposed to be a drawing of a girl but people thought it was an alien??? I’m not sure how they got that from.


This one is with red film layered on top. People guessed this one right and yes its a boy with a hat. I on purposely chose these colors because i thought the color blue and red are often associated with genders. But these stereo types are less practiced nowdays therefore you can see a boy inside the red or a girl inside a blue. GENDER FLUIDITY Y’ALL.


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