It’s magical how we can deceive people into thinking that an image is moving with just some paper and pencil.

Literally, you can create a whole another universe and its own narrative out of ink.

I had a phase when i was really into anime.

It meant my life. It was such a great way of escapism. For me it was like a little pill with condensed emotions and drama. You take one whenever you’re bored or feeling a bit down and you’ll feel it working fast and HARD. It lets you experience amplified emotions you don’t feel in daily life. And its great men, you’ll be addicted for sure.

I was kind of excited to learn stop-motion and basics of animation but I’ve never been the other side of anime (the side of the creators).

It was hard. All that drawing. The magic and your enthusiasm just slowly dies as you make the same marks on paper again and again and again. And i feel like there’s two elements in animation.

One for those who just like drawing.

One for those who like telling a story.

If one person were to do both, draw and think of a narrative, I feel like they’ll just go crazy. Its too much to do. I guess thats why they divide the jobs for key frames and betweeners.

Key frame: the major scene of the plot

Betweeners: People that basically animate the story by following the key frame.


I feel like I didn’t get to think about being creative with the transition, composition, illustration style and stuff because i was just trying to get that motion to flow.

I don’t think animation is for me. Well, not this type of animation anyways.

It was cool to see the end product (but honestly i didn’t even care how it looked in the end)

Maybe I just need more patience or more time.

I do like stop motion though. Aesthetically i think its cool.

I did some stop motion for my Instagram shop that i own back in Hong Kong ( I sold handmade chokers).

I enjoyed the whole process of photographing my friends and thinking of a theme for edits. You can definitely experiment with the stop motion technique and i find it cool because its an image that comes alive but not quite like a video. And the music definitely brings everything all together.



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