You ever feel like a blank canvas in which people leave their traces on you

And an image forms as it accumulates.

Traces tells us that time has passed.

Traces show us that ‘it’ existed.

Traces leave us with evidence.

Traces can fade but never disappear as trace it self leaves a trace.


Trace is a nightmare, painting your clean hands

Prints and marks that cannot be rubbed off,

The residue of what it was, stays, reminding you always

Doesn’t trace sound like a nightmare?





Our topic is to find traces of our body in the environment. It could’ve been taken literally or abstract(ically?)

I went to search for it outside the class. Pictures of footprints and remnants of food were taken.

But I found it cliche.

I thought i wasn’t approaching the topic creatively. I think i associated the word ‘environment’ with nature and things outside but really, we don’t only live in the real world now.

We live on the internet.

You can find a lot of information about me from just googling it. My childhood pictures, my hobbies and other things i don’t necessarily want to share but is available to the public.

Traces of me everywhere. Well, traces of everyone is everywhere and easily accessible. ( unless you’re old)

Even as a baby, you’re parents had already posted some pictures of you online. It’s like you’re no longer born with a blank canvas. Information after information is shoved down your throat and ever-streaming content screams at you face.






The video installation was inspired by this.

When im in the bus, the lights hit my eyes so hard that i see blues and green when i close my eyes. It leaves a trace you see. But also the same thing happens when you’re staring at the screen for too long. It leaves an after image in your vision and your brain.

I think the video needs to be titled traces or something that hints at my abstract idea behind it or it wouldn’t have made sense.

Maybe i could’ve made it more obvious to what i was trying to convey.

But i also feel like the screams and the colors allowed the viewer to experience the content filled lifestyle we embrace now. Its like a condensed version of it. The video was supposed to provoke the audience not tell them what it is.

I don’t know, what do you think?


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