Holla back at Steampunk


  1. a genre of science fiction that typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology.

Using scrap and pieces to create things that makes your life more difficult. Seems unproductive doesn’t it?

well art can be inefficient but it doesn’t mean that its not effective. ( thank you ex-business teacher for teaching us the difference)

These drawing machine will challenge your boundaries, extending the limits.

Mistakes will be made, unlike the perfect machines that does not understand the importance of trial and error.

To be honest with you, I did shit in this project. (forewarning)


This is a texture machine. By pressing different texture against it, it creates different pressure on to the paper. So its a machine that supposed to translate different texture on to paper with chalk. I wanted it to make it really sensitive so if you were to press your hands against it, the crevices and the veins on your hands would translate on to the paper, leaving an impression of your hands. But its not done directly (like by ink on hands to paper) therefore it wouldn’t feel as personal. So its a different feeling to directly make a print of your hands than using the machine to make an imprint of your hands.


Libra inspired plant- water thing

It’s supposed to drip small amount of water and paint the paper. The cup was supposed to become lighter and lighter, changing the way water will impact the paper over the time.

This original idea required a cubed ice and a pair of warm hands. The cup will be held by a warm hand than the ice will melt and drop, leaving traces of water on the paper but i didn’t know where i could find some ice and i wasn’t feeling like freezing my hand that day.

I tied pieces of chalk to a string then tied it around my waist. The paper is set on to the wall so that when i twirl, it marks the paper. Its supposed to be a symbolic garment where color and movement are combined together.

Kind of like synesthesia; Its when people see colors when a sense is stimulated. For example, a synesthesia may associate certain words or smell with colors. They see colors in movements and words. I wanted to experiment with that idea of seeing colors in movements.

This project relates to our theme trace- body- trace because the colors represent the movement of the body. With manipulating the way it leaves a mark , i think we’ll be able to express different emotion through it.

All of these outcome did not work out. I think the concept is interesting but the mechanism of it was bad. They weren’t effective at what they were supposed to do while being inefficient at the same time.

I think i would have to re- think my design to further improve effectiveness in the future.


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