The last of us (triggering thoughts about death)

Are you confused?

What the hell am I actually talking about?

Why are you a pretencious lil shit?


I morphed my wooden turtle with a magical looking flower. The sketches showed the process of the turtle becoming devoured or merging with the flower. Its a hybrid, a turtlower. This reminded me of a game called the last of us.

The last of us is a zombie survival video game. They base their mechanism of the zombies on a real life plant, that posses and infects insects such as ants and spiders. The zombies have different stages in their transformation.lastofus.jpg

In the end, they become immobile as the fungi looking things grows. Then the zombies dies and becomes a plant.

I was inspired by it and had interpreted as a way of looking at mortality.

Everybody went through that stage in life, where they realize their own mortality. I had a time where I was too obsessed with death.

So I had an existential crisis. The turtle is me. Horrified with death and desperate for a meaning. But the truth is;

No one cant do shit about it. You’re gonna die.

 So little old me tried to understand death as a natural cycle. It is a way of life and its actually beautiful. You will become the nutrients to the plants and in that way you will live forever. You will be devoured by nature. Romanticizing death so that I can deal with it.

I still don’t know how to deal with the idea of death. ( I just sing really loud when the thought pops into my head) But obsessing over it won’t help. It’ll just blind me to the things that i can do now. Things that i can enjoy before the thing that’s going to happen to all of us, happens.


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