High on abc


Our assignment is to search for letters in objects.

Not just letters but shapes of letters in objects.

It was difficult because if you imagined hard enough, anything can be it but we were off into our everyday life that’s been unexamined until now.

The corners of doors and the intersections of two ropes are now texts living amongst the object.

It’s funny how sometimes you see the letter and it somehow reflects the object and it makes sense that the objects posses that certain letter.


Like this ‘D’. The nature of the objects is hard, like the way ‘D’ sounds when its enunciated. Its like the beat of the drum, drillings your ears. The letters constructed with a bendy ‘U’ supported with an undeniably straight line.

Its like when a word reflects the meaning or a definition of the word. I know there’s a term for it but i don’t remember.

Like the word flick, how you flick your tongue as you say it. It just make sense to name the motion as flick.

The video has no meaning, I was just playing around with photoshop and video editor. But people had mentioned my video as;

  • Playful
  • Childhood
  • Double personality
  • Trippy

These discription fit the video as much as it fits me. I feel like I embrace playfulness and childishness a lot but that’s not all that I am, even though it may seem like it. Not sure how trippy fits me. Maybe its predicting the future and itll fit me soon. #Amsterdamn

Also, I think I like writing. It lets me process the things in my head. The words that gets typed out are more organized than the things I say. If we communicate only by writing, it would’ve saved me some awkward moments when I would brain fart.


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