Oreo on the wall (eaten)


Who put an Oreo on the wall?

Its been eaten and nipped to shape like a key.

If you rode on its sides, its little bumps would make your teeth shiver.

Its legs slims like it’s getting sucked into a lamp.

But its back,

Its a staircase. How considerate!

You can climb up and slide down like a theme park.

Safety is not guaranteed though.


Actually, this Oreo isn’t really an Oreo.

It is a silhouette of a monkey or a baby with an attachment problem with its umbilical chords still hanging.

Its arms clenched, in attempt to hold on to its mother or the baby is trying to poop.

This is my description of a piece on the wall. I think the person had “drew” the positive space with black paper rather than the negative space.

I picked this one to describe because in the moment when I saw a big black shape amongst the other not-so-big black shapes, it caught my eye.


But then I saw this. The actual piece. 


Now all the negative space is blocked, vivifying the shape. Now I see a women, in a long skirt. Maybe it’s a grandma as she sits on her comfy square chair and knit away the day.

Two pieces made to mock the same space but non of them ended with what they truly intended to be.

Reminds me of how they say humans try to make shapes out of nothing to familiarize our bearings. In someways, I think we use art to familiarize our self with the things inside and outside our minds. We are all trying to understand the world and that’s what I learned from a black piece of paper that reminded me of an Oreo.




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