wadahell is manifesto?

From the last class, I understand that manifesto is a list of promises that a politician usually make to get the interests of people. It is a way of advertising them self.

So what is an Art manifesto?

Am I selling art?  am I selling my art?  What can I promise you about art?  How can I promise anything about art when art does not have limits?

Confusion. confusion. Confusion.

If CLAES OLDENBURG l Am for an Art (1961) is an Art manifesto, Art manifesto is an description to what art is for him.

let’s go with that idea in a slam poem style:


Get lost in art

Find yourself in art

it provides you with the means to reach your dreams

Colors will disperse

from your hands

Reaching the blank minds

that has become numb, from everyday life


Black and whites

Anyone can do it

Joins us to see the world on canvases


Watch us as we depict the youth in uniform

smiling teens, oh how they are adorned

88cm by 88cm

Ink on propaganda

Art by central government

Because art is a lie that enables us to realize the truth

^ this i believe was Pablo picasos’ quote


finished off with a degree

Learning to believe

 That art is free

When really “we can’t afford to art”

Forget your heart

And they say art isn’t for the luxury





^^ This particular one was inspired by what my host family had said. He believe that the money was the leading forces of art and even if we don’t want to admit it, it was the truth.

I had told him that “that’s such a sad thing to say”

because I believe 

art is what we need

its culture, its our dreams

free to express and address to be freed

its a mirror that helps reflect the world clearer

art is the cure

to make our life better


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