how was V&A?



As I stupidly mistaken the time and confused myself to believe that I was at a place called “Spice station” instead of Farnham station, I was a minute late and I watched the train leave right before my eyes.








In the end, I had to figure my way to the V&A museum but since I’ve never taken a train or the underground in UK before, it was very overwhelming. Somehow I’ve made it to V & A without getting lost. (miracles do happen) and after re-joining my friends in joy, we decided to visit the photography section of the museum.


In the room, i observed the pictures and it was interesting but what made it more interesting is the fact that female nudity caught more attention than male nudity. I observed people come and look at the pictures. They were often uncomfortable with male nudity.

This reminded me of guerrilla girls, a feminist group that ask important question about equality in the art world through questionnaire and stickers and posters.

Female nudity is being celebrated more often than male nudity. Its an fact. I think guerrilla girls mentioned that there’s a lot more men exhibiting art in a place like this and more female nudity is shown.Do Women Have To Be Naked To Get Into the Met. Museum? 1989 by Guerrilla Girls

I dont know why but i find it so interesting how female nudity is much celebrated and perceived as artistic and beautiful. In fact, i did a whole paper about it in my old school.


Also when i did a survey, people felt more comfortable looking at a naked women over naked men. But in media, female nipples are censored and its just interesting how we look at the female body so contradictory in different context.

Alright, done with my soap boxing. Let’s move on to the next picture.


The images above made me the most uncomfortable among the other nudity and weird stuff. I wonder if its because i’ve been looking at sexual/ adult images then the boy comes up and it doesn’t match with the theme of the other works. The boy also posed in an awkward sense and his gazes tells me that he’s shy.

It turns out that the photographer had wanted to capture youth and how awkward we are whilst growing up. This boy was me, except more famous.

Then we payed 12 pounds to see the exhibition,



Photography weren’t allowed in the museums so I had to scribble things that I saw and felt. However, I did buy a postcard with a poster printed on it.

The exhibition was about people in the 60s and how they wanted revolutions and protested against the inequality of black citizen, women and Vietnam war. (main causes for protest I have grasped in the exhibition). Especially the younger generation have rebelled strongly by going against social norms through musics, fashion and art.

The posters became a popular means to send messages of their protest as they were easy to multiply. They had manipulated famous art works and took inspiration from other artists. ( such as this poster in a similar style of art nouveux ) They were colorful and bright on purpose, to catch your eye , however I thought they were also aesthetically beautiful which made me wonder if that was their marketing point. Wouldn’t the message come across stronger if they had put shocking images or facts?

This reminded me of now days, how we have videos and posts on facebook about feminism, black culture and equality that are almost made to be shareable and viral. Maybe they had created them in such way so that the youngsters, like us, would want to share it or want to put it up in their rooms (posters). I wonder if we would still be as interested, if they weren’t curated like this. I think it just shows how important aesthetics can be even when you think its irrelevant. We are for beauty kind of being.

But beauty is highly subjective, however we often find common things to be beautiful, like the sunset. Apparently we are biologically wired to view things like this as beautiful because it remind us of survival and fire for when we were still cave men.

Its interesting how anything can be broken down scientifically even when you think that its not scientific. Things like beauty, love and emotions can all be broken down into small science to explain it. It makes me feel like an animal or im being ruled by chemicals rather a free being with intelligence to make their own decision.

There is a lot more in V&A but its basically impossible to get through it in one visit.

I don’t know.

I think this visit have got me thinking about humans and how we react to things. Its interesting cause i thought i would just be appreciating ancient art and learn history.

Oh wells.

till next time.

see ya


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